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“We’ve centralized all the faculty activity reporting data into Watermark, and there are different ways to slice and dice the information and leverage it centrally. We can share the best of what we do.”

Lucas Turpin, Information and Technology Director

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Faster data collection with CV Imports

Capture data from the source your faculty trust most — their own CVs. Then house it in a central faculty database, to ensure the data is always available for reporting, not lost in file cabinets or thumb drives.

Centralized, multi-purpose reporting

Use pre-built reports for regional and professional accreditation for faster, easier reporting on faculty qualifications. Use your data to maintain current faculty web profiles directly from the system, without IT support.

Integration with course evaluation data

Seamlessly integrate teacher evaluation feedback data into faculty reviews, centralize the materials that matter most to your institution, and create a full, 360 view of faculty activity.

Faculty Management Software for Higher Ed

Watermark’s faculty software is made for higher ed, by people who know higher ed. We make it easy to manage and report on faculty success in teaching, research, scholarship, and service.

With Watermark, you enter faculty data once, and use it many times, including accreditation reporting, faculty profiles, and teacher evaluation for promotion and tenure reviews. Powerful reporting, including faculty qualifications reports and self-serve tools, help you answer key questions and effectively promote your institution.

Information management is stressful for faculty and administrators

Universities rely on faculty activity reporting — for accreditation, state reporting, funding opportunities, and promotion and tenure processes. Without an integrated system to facilitate this data capture, administrators make repeated requests to faculty for updates or versions of the same data. Then when it’s received, manual data entry is needed to enter it and meet a specific need.

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